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Hi) My name is Сarol, I love my name, thanks to my mother for this) I am 19 years old, in my life I realized that I am special, this is probably my (five) facts about me 1. I love to cook and eat) 2. I read only fiction and horror 3. I drive only on German cars 4. In men, I care about the mind and the ability to attract me to talk. 5. I live by the principle always say YES A list of what I want to have for 5 years 1. His house to make him comfortable and expensive 2. To create a family in which there will be a main man, and I will follow him, as if behind a barrier 3. Visiting 33 countries 4. I want a hand penguin 5. Try all the spirits of the world. Let's get acquainted, can we have common goals?)


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